Traditional Rice Varieties

Traditional Rice Varieties


We have gathered comprehensive data pertaining to each traditional variety at different stages of growth of the rice crop. This compilation is done both in our experimental farm and also in farmers' fields. Description of each traditional rice variety contains a wealth of information encompassing their historical background, cultivation aspects, agronomical attributes, as well as nutritional, therapeutic, and cooking characteristics. Additionally, we have also highlighted distinct and unique features associated with that variety. Not all these information are available for each of the varieties but for some varieties the details available are more extensive and richer.

Disclaimer: The information about nutritional and therapeutic properties is being shared for educational and research purposes. This is not meant for the treatment of specific ailment or disease and it is not to be considered as medical advice

Crop seasons: In terms of the crop seasons we have used the following terminology which is widely in use for varieties that are cultivated in Tamil Nadu

1. Sornavari: April 15 - August 14 (Tamil months : Chithirai - Adi)

2. Samba: July 15 - January 14 (Tamil months : Adi - Margazhi)

3. Late samba: September 15 - February 14 (Tamil months : Puratassi - Thai)

4. Navarai: December 15 - March 14 (Tamil months : Margazhi - Masi)

In this section we have provided details about 154 Traditional rice varieties (TRVs).

Profile of Traditional Rice Varieties

Adukku Nel



Anandanoor Samba

Arcot Kitchili


Arubatham Kodai/Poongkar

Arubatham Kuruvai

Arubatham Samba

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