Support Our Initiative

Support Our Initiative

Join us in our mission to foster sustainable agriculture and preserve agricultural diversity. Through our initiatives, we empower farmers, conserve traditional varieties, and promote eco-friendly practices. Your support fuels our efforts in training, research, and community engagement, ensuring a greener, more resilient future. Together, let's sow the seeds of change and nurture a thriving, sustainable agricultural landscape for generations to come."

Sponsor/Adopt a variety

You can support this Namma Nellu campaign by making a donation through the Namma Nellu website established by CIKS or through the bank account details that are given in our website. Your contribution will go towards the conservation of traditional rice varieties. The amount required to support one TRV is Rs. 15,000/- (Rupees Fifteen Thousand Only) in one single location. Typically, for reasons of safety, CIKS aims to conserve each variety in at least two locations, so that a variety is not lost due to an extreme weather event (such as unusually heavy rainfall) in a single location. You can consider offering support for the conservation of any number of varieties based on your interest and the funds that you can donate

Donate to Namma Nellu

General donations to Namma Nellu inorder to support purchase of equipments, machineries, cattle, organic inputs and TRC maintenance.

We are in continuous need of equipment, machinery, and various resources to further our conservation efforts. Here's a list of potential opportunities where your generous support can make a significant impact:

Processing of Traditional Rice Varieties: Currently there are large mills which process mainly the modern and hybrid varieties. The equipments are designed in such a way that they can process them only on a large scale and is also suited to processing only these grain varieties. We need equipments which can process TRVs on a small scale. We also need to adapt these for different varieties so that while processing the original characteristics are not lost. Werequire equipments like Precleaner, Prehusker, Seperator, Destoner, Grader and Polisher to efficiently process the traditional paddy varieties from grain to rice completely inhouse.

Promoting sustainable agriculture and organic farming: Our efforts to promote sustainable agriculture in the Indian context heavily rely on the involvement of cattle. They play a crucial role in various aspects of organic farming. You can support our mission by contributing to the acquisition of a pair of bullocks or cows

Inputs for organic farming: Most of the inputs for organic farming is not available at the required time and also in sufficient quantities. Farmers are also used to the culture of ready to use inputs like the modern fertilizers and pesticides. Your financial support will facilitate the widespread adoption of sustainable farming methods, benefitting both agriculture and the environment.

Maintenance of TRC: Support our vital Training and Research Center (TRC) in Sukkankollai, Kanchipuram, next to the Vedanthangal bird sanctuary. It serves multipurpose activities like cultivation, research, documentation, demonstration and facilities for training, Storage and Processing. Located at a reasonable distance from Chennai City, that is within 2 hours drive it is also well connected and a place which can showcase all our activities.

Sponsor an Event

Every now and then we conduct exhibitions, expos, food festivals, awareness workshops, seminars and conferences to promote traditional rice varieties. Sponsorship to such an event would cost Rs.50,000. Click here to know more

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CSR Sponsorships

We are actively exploring the possibilities of CSR sponsorships. If any corporate would like to collaborate with us on CSR sponsorships please get back to us at We will be happy to discuss with you and take it forward.

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Let's preserve our rice heritage, united in our efforts!