Farming Communities

Empowerment initiatives for farmers are pivotal in our mission. Through collaborative efforts and specialized programs,
we equip farmers with knowledge, tools, and resources for sustainable agriculture. Our initiatives encompass training on modern techniques like the System of Rice Intensification (SRI), organic cultivation methods, and the conservation of traditional varieties. Additionally, we support Farmer Producer Companies, fostering collective strength and market access. By empowering farmers with these skills and avenues, we aim to enhance their resilience, economic standing, and overall well-being while promoting a more sustainable agricultural ecosystem.

Stories from the Field

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Samba Mosanam Paddy Variety – Ideal for Waterlogged Fields

In waterlogged conditions, wherever Samba Mosanam was cultivated, there was no loss in yield.

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Kappakar for Food Security

Kappakar paddy variety is usually cultivated in clayey soil as a dry sown crop during the Samba (July – January) season.

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Indigenous Rice for Filariasis Control

Filariasis can be cured by using the indigenous rice variety called Karungkuruvai. Read More

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Indigenous Paddy Cultivation – Experiences of a Farmer, Gomathinayagam

Kitchili Samba is a traditional rice variety popular for its use in the South Indian meal and also for making a special dish biriyani.

Let's preserve our rice heritage, united in our efforts!