Samba Mosanam Paddy Variety – Ideal for Waterlogged Fields

Ranganathan who is a farmer belonging to Mangalam village of Tirukazhukundram block of Kancheepuram district has 2 acres of land adjoining a lake. Out of these two acres, half an acre of land remains submerged in water during the monsoon season. This resulted in crop loss when high yielding paddy varieties were cultivated. So, Mr. Ranganathan cultivated Samba Mosanam variety of paddy during the last July – November season by direct sowing. Since there was heavy rain last year, the water level in the lake was higher than usual. There was about 4 ½ feet of water stagnation in about half an acre of his land. The stalks of Samba Mosanam paddy variety remained unaffected and withstood the waterlogged conditions. However, the stalks of high yielding paddy varieties like Ponni cultivated by the neighbouring farmers were bent and remained submerged in water. This caused germination of the grains resulting in crop loss.

In waterlogged conditions, wherever Samba Mosanam was cultivated, there was no loss in yield. This has motivated the neighbouring farmers to cultivate this variety during the next season.

Special Features of this Variety

1. This variety is also called Puzhudikal, Eri nel and Maduvu muzhungi in Tamil. It is suitable for cultivation in the vicinity of lakes. It is said that people travelled by boats and harvested the Samba Mosanam in the lakes.

2. This variety is good for preparing aval (flattened rice), idly and dosa.

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